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Westshore Young Leaders Network



Expanding Student potential through training, education
and drug free events & activities.

The primary goal of the Westshore Young Leaders Network is prevention of alcohol and other drug use among teens through the enrichment of skills in effective leadership, team building, decision making and individual talent development. This project is sponsored by the leaders of the Westshore Council of Governments, whose leaders have approved the implementation of this grant project.

Join us for our Annual Westshore Young Leaders Night Out with Lake Erie Crusher’s Baseball

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Parent/Teen Resources


Organization that works hard to keep young adults and teens from smoking cigarettes and raises awareness of the
dangers of smoking


Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Organization WHERE FAMILIES FIND ANSWERS : We provide support and guidance to families struggling with their son or daughter’s substance use.


Happy 2017 Westshore Young Leaders

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

As the semester ends and our students are away from the classroom check out some fun family activities accessible to Northeast Ohio:


Family time together is an excellent time to start meaningful conversations. One of the most popular times is a get together for the NFL Super Bowl. This contest can be done with your family or encourage your student to share this resource with their teachers for a classroom or school wide contest!!
Join Drug Free Action Alliance in their annual contest called: The Big Bowl Vote: Get in the Game

Save the Date – February 5, 2017


Last year, 112 million people watched the NFL Super Bowl with youth under 21 making up about 18% of the audience. Millions of youth were exposed to alcohol advertisements, and studies show that alcohol ads directly increase underage drinking. 


Meanwhile, 10,000 middle and high school students in 20 states participated in Drug Free Action Alliance’s Big Bowl Vote 2016 last year, which once again revealed how appealing those Super Bowl alcohol ads are to children by letting the kids tell us what their favorite and most memorable commercials were. It also provides a great and relevant discussion point for media literacy.

We’d like to invite you and or your students class to participate in the 2017 Big Bowl Vote.

The process is simple.


1. Friday, February 3 – Have questionnaire copies made and ready for distribution.

2. Sunday, February 5, 2017 – Watch the NFL Super Bowl game.

3. Monday, February 6, 2017 – Have your students or youth fill out the Big Bowl Vote questionnaire. Tally the results using a tally form we’ll provide, and email the results to us at a link we’ll send you.


Drug Free Action Alliance will use the results to issue a press release detailing the national findings.
Click here to get the 2017 Big Bowl Vote Playbook and to learn more about the Big Bowl Vote!
You can also click here to see a sample tally form!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions to improve the Big Bowl Vote,contact Jim Phipps at JPhipps@DrugFreeActionAlliance.org

Many of our supporters are aware of the news/data supporting the fact: 
Ohio leads the nation in overdose deaths 

Your Teen Magazine: Prescription Painkillers: Should your teenager ever take them?

Family and community conversations are a great place to start.  Here is an outstanding  FREE resource being offered by St.Vincent Charity’s Hospital~~Rosary Hall…
“Does a loved one use heroin, pain pills, marijuana, alcohol or other drugs?  Addiction is a brain disease that can be treated. ” St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is offering FREE education sessions to help families better understand addiction. https://www.stvincentcharity.com/blog/post/2016/12/22/Rosary-Hall-offering-a-free-educational-session-on-addiction.aspx                                                                                       


You are not alone.  Join other parents in Ohio as we stand together and StartTalking  about Prevention ~~Building a Drug Free Future!!!


2016/17 Westshore Young Leaders Meeting Schedule








Spring is in the Air

Hooray, the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and spring is in the air.  It is a very exciting time for families as they get ready to head outdoors for some of their most loved activities. Now is a great time to discuss family expectations regarding alcohol.

Do you know that Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States?  17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence along with several million more who engage in risky, binge drinking patterns that could lead to alcohol problems.  https://www.ncadd.org/about-addiction/alcohol/facts-about-alcohol

Start the conversation as April is Alcohol Awareness Month 

alcohol awareness month- 2014 poster

Source: http://www.centurycouncil.org/state-facts/new-york.

Here are a few NCADD(National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) Recommendations for Parents

**Teach your child that abstinence from alcohol is an acceptable lifelong decision and that they have a right to stand up for a safe academic environment.

**Teach your child that drinking can be risky and to intervene when they see that their classmates are in trouble.

**If you drink, be sure to set an ongoing healthy example regarding adult alcohol use and never brag about your alcohol or other drugs during your own college years.

**When your children go to college, set clear and realistic expectations regarding academic performance, and continue to be as interested and involved in their lives as you were when they were in high school.

Responsibility is "...seldom easy, but always worth the effort." Wise words from our new Talk Early blogger @piwtpitt:
Source:#TalkEarly on Pinterest

Teens and Alcohol: A Bad Mix Developed in partnership with NIAAA, this video highlights research on underage drinking and includes steps that communities can take to tackle this problem.

Some Helpful Internet Links:
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD): http://www.ncadd.org
Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility http://responsibility.org/start-a-conversation/responsibility-kids/talk-early/
Underage Drinking: Talk Early – Talk Often http://underagedrinking.samhsa.gov
Drug Free Action Alliance https://www.drugfreeactionalliance.org/know
Partnership for Drug Free Kids http://www.drugfree.org/?s=alcohol
Thank you for helping to make a difference in our community!

Update on Issue 3

As you may be aware on November 3, 2015, voters in Ohio will decide whether to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. The Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative is an Ohio initiated constitutional amendment on the ballot.


This is a very important decision that can have far reaching impact. Please take the time to understand Issue 3 before you cast your vote.



Yours in Prevention,


Noreen Kyle



Get The Facts on Issue 3



Know The Facts About Issue 3William M. Denihan, CEO of the ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County, is scheduled to appear on WKYC Channel 3 TV news tonight at 7:00 p.m.


Mr. Denihan will discuss reasons to oppose Issue 3 — recreational and medical marijuana legalization in Ohio. Ian James, Executive Director of Responsible Ohio, is also scheduled to appear.


To Download the Issue 3 Factbook,